juli 1, 2021

Beached and blessed

26 June 2021 – Day 6 At the crack of dawn part of the crew went on a much needed supply run in Hoorn while the […]
juni 28, 2021

Knowing as you go

25 June 2021 – Day 5 Good morning! After our long sunny day on Thursday, we spent the night anchoring near the firehouse ‘het Paard van […]
juni 28, 2021

Led by the wind

24 June 2021 – Day 4 This morning the sun was shining again, setting stage for the rest of our day. After some coffee and delicious […]
juni 24, 2021

Learning as we go

23 June 2021 – Day 3 – Enkhuizen to Den Helder Our third day began bright, beautiful and early. It was a little too cool for […]
juni 24, 2021

The perspective of NIOZ: Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research

We had the chance to spend a few hours onboard the Aldebaran and the wonderful people that make up the Sailing for Impact team. Using the […]
juni 23, 2021

Saturated with Joy

22 June 2021 – Day 2 The first morning on the Aldebaran was early but happy. When the crew assembled outside for the day to start, […]
juni 22, 2021

An unexpected journey

21 June 2021 – Day 1 Early this morning, we all gathered with too little sleep at the harbour in Harlingen. After some organisational tasks were […]
juni 21, 2021

Sailing for Impact is about to set sail!

Sailing for Impact is about to set sail! Sailing for Impact stands for using a sailing vessel as a platform for a meaningful Master’s research trajectory. […]
februari 19, 2021

Sailing in times of Corona: what is wisdom?

As the crew of Sailing for impact we find ourselves in a situation that we have to postpone our departure date due to the pandemic. Right now it is hard to foresee when the conditions favor our embarking. We already had to cancel the date set twice. As a crew we are still determined to sail. What is wisdom?